The Ladies Of Low-Carb Series: Kelley Keener

Filed under: Health — @ August 15, 2006

The “Ladies Of Low-Carb” weight loss success story series began last week with Shayne Sherbert who has lost nearly 100 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle and we are so proud of what she has accomplished.

This week I’m pleased to share with you the incredible story of Kelley Keener who had shed 83 pounds off her former 220-pound body. Oh yeah, that’s her before and after pictures you see at the top of this post and the dramatic transformation she has made is nothing short of miraculous!

Although she was a thin and active teenager, poor eating habits and an addiction to sugar caught up to her when she got married and gave birth to two children. She had to come to a point in her life when she was READY to change, but like most of us it took her a while to realize how bad it had gotten.

bq. Therein lies the problem that Kelley and most people who are overweight or obese seem to have in common. We just don’t see the sense of urgency about our weight when we are in the midst of an out-of-control weight gain. Sure, we knew we needed to lose a few pounds, but we always rationalized to ourselves that we were not THAT bad off. That’s the biggest lie anyone can tell themselves when they need to lose weight.

Read more about how Kelley Keener was able to triumph over her obesity and become the fit and fabulous woman she is now by clicking here.


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