Which One Of These Two Men Is Obese?

Filed under: Health — @ August 15, 2006

Looking at those two photographs above, which of these two men would you say is obese?

This is not a trick question and doesn’t sound like a difficult one to answer considering the obvious weight difference between them. But would you believe BOTH of them are considered obese according to their body mass index (BMI)?!

That’s my before and after pictures following my 180-pound weight loss on the low-carb lifestyle in 2004. But apparently, despite getting my weight way down from where it used to be over 400 pounds, that’s still not good enough to knock me out of the “obese” range. Some have even said I don’t even look overweight now.

bq. If I’m obese TODAY, I wonder what they would describe me as in 2004 when I tipped the scales at 410 pounds with a BMI of 51.2 in the 99th percentile?!?!?!?! M-m-m-m-morbidly obese?!?! This is why the BMI as the measurement of determining whether someone has a weight problem is ridiculous and irresponsible.

Get in on this discussion about whether you think I’m obese NOW or not by clicking here.


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