Is the Food Industry to Blame for Our Rising Obesity Problem? Get In On the Debate

Filed under: In The News — @ August 16, 2006

You just can’t escape the heated talk. People have been railing about the fact that the processed food industry is either to blame or not to blame for playing a major role in our rapidly escalating obesity epidemic.

Often, discussion has been waged privately — at health conferences or seminars, in corporate board rooms or hallways, in thought-provoking news stories, or even at health food restaurants.

Well, the often-interesting raised the topic last week in a provocative article, “The obesity blame game.”

While I disagree with writer Lorraine Heller’s conclusions, the industry-favoring article did some good, because it brought this topic to the forefront of people’s consciousness. And that’s what I aim to do here now, too.

How culpable is the processed food industry in its role in making Americans gain more and more weight and getting more and more diseases?

Read more here about this controversial topic.


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