Taxing Fat People Where It Hurts Them The Most

Filed under: In The News — @ August 16, 2006

University of North Carolina nutrition professor Dr. Barry M. Popkin revealed at the International Association of Agricultural Economists in Australia this week that while there are 800 million people who do not get an adequate amount of food to nourish their bodies, the startling fact is that there are now 1.3 BILLION people who are also either overweight or obese.

Dr. Popkin blames the higher consumption of fat, less physical work, more motorized transportation, and an increase in television viewing for the obesity rates rising so rapidly. What is his solution to help curb obesity? A FAT TAX!

bq. While I am all for trying to get people to stop eating junk food and to begin dealing with their weight problem, compelling companies to take on an unnecessary tax all for the sake of making it harder for them to afford those foods is utterly ridiculous. Dr. Popkin said this same tactic has worked well to get people to stop smoking as many cigarettes and it will work with junk food, too. So what! It is NOT the place of the government to compel good behaviors in people.

Read more about the radical ideas that Dr. Popkin is proposing regarding lowering obesity rates by clicking here.


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