Atkins Diet May Be Rough At First, But It Makes You Healthy Long-Term

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ August 17, 2006

Biochemist Dr. Gregory Petsko from Brandeis University decided to conduct an experiment using the Atkins diet–ON HIMSELF! He said of all the diet plans to come out, this one made the most scientific sense from a metabolic vantage point.

However, although Atkins worked well for Dr. Petsko helping him shed the pounds, his personal experience especially during the Induction phase was less than pleasurable.

“I’m obsessed with food all the time now. Much of that obsession is with foods I can’t have, like chocolate cake – and this does not improve my irritability … Once you’ve done Atkins, the book says, you’ll be ready for a whole new life. I can confirm that: being on this diet has made me regret the day I was born.”

As awful as he makes being on the Atkins diet sound (and he said a LOT more than what I put in that little excerpt above), the fact is Dr. Petsko is STILL applying the principles of low-carb living to his life today. As painful as the Atkins/low-carb approach can be in those early days for some people, the fact is that there is not a healthier long-term way of eating out there.

Click here to read more about Dr. Gregory Petsko’s Atkins diet experience.


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