Got a Kick-Sugar Success Story to Tell? Let Me Interview You! Need Inspiration? Listen to Amazing, Free Teleseminars With Successful “Sugar Kickers”

Filed under: Events — @ August 18, 2006

Have you successfully lost weight or overcomie another health problem by completely kicking or cutting back on sugar, refined carbs and other high-glycemic foods? Has your low-carb diet worked wonders?

Kicking all those culprit carbs is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and get all kinds of health woes under control, as thousands of people — whom I call “Sugar Kickers” — have been telling me for years.

So, if you’re a Kick-Sugar Success Story — whether it was to lose weight, get more energy, feel better mood-wise or get your insulin resistance under control — I want to tell your tale on my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog, here on, and other sites!

This is your chance to help other would be carb-cutters! By telling folks about the benefits of cutting out those nutrient-lacking, processed carbs — and bear in mind this doesn’t have to be a weight-loss success story — you will have a golden opportunity to go forth and inspire, motivate, and encourage others.

To learn more about how to participate in this exciting opportunity, go to my www. SUGARSHOCK! Blog.

Need inspiration and motivation to take control of your culprit-carbs habit?
Listen to a free replay of a teleseminar in which some people told their incredible stories.


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