Say Bye-Bye To The BMI Lie

Filed under: Study — @ August 19, 2006

The longstanding stardard used by people who want to lose weight and get healthy has been the body mass index, or BMI. But new research has shown that may not exactly be the best predictor of cardiovascular risk. Sheeez!

Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez from the Mayo Clinic looked at 40 different studies of over 250,000 patients and found that those with the lowest BMIs, generally under 20, were actually found to have a HIGHER mortality rate as a result of heart disease than those with the so-called dangerously obese levels of 30 and above. Isn’t that an amazing discovery?!

Read more about Lopez-Jimenez’ study and what he recommends instead of BMI by clicking here.

In a related story, one of my readers wrote one of the most convoluted e-mail responses I think I have ever read in reaction to my recent “Is This The Body Of An Obese Man?” post. My head is still spinning trying to figure that one out. :-~


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