Talk Show Host Reveals Diabetes Seminar Suggests ‘Counting Carbs’

Filed under: Health — @ August 21, 2006

Radio talk show host and national voiceover announcer Russ Cassell reported on his radio show in the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC market last week that a local hospital-sponsored diabetes seminar suggested people begin “counting carbs” to help control their Type 2 diabetes.

Cassell, who suffers from diabetes, reported on his daily morning radio show on WORD-AM about the latest educational developments in helping control this ever-expanding disease.

bq. With recent studies like this, this and this confirming livin’ la vida low-carb as a great way to take care of Type 2 diabetes and even the American Diabetes Association backing into supporting low-carb, it seems local hospitals are beginning to take this message back to their patients to arm them with the information they need to make the smart decisions about what to do with their diabetes.

Read more about how the good news of low-carb living is making its way into diabetes educational programs locally in hospitals across the country by clicking here.


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