Colpo’s New ‘Low-Carb Muscle’ Forum Wants To Pump You Up

Filed under: Publications — @ August 23, 2006

Are you convinced the low-carb lifestyle is the best way to keep your body fit and trim? Have you already progressed in your fitness by trying to get your new slender body into shape while maintaining your low-carb principles?

If so, then you may be interested in a brand new forum on the Internet called “Low-Carb Muscle.”

Created by Anthony Colpo, author of “The Great Cholesterol Con,” this new forum will be a place “dedicated solely to athletic low-carbers.”

But Colpo is quick to point out what this forum is NOT for.

bq. “If your idea of strenuous exercise is walking your dog around the block, or if you think a ‘post workout drink’ means stopping at the pub on the way home from the gym, then this is not the forum for you,” Colpo commented.

Learn more about this valuable new FREE resource that Colpo expects to become the world’s #1 forum for low-carb bodybuilders and athletes by clicking here.


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