Small Goals Will Prevent A Low-Carb Lull

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ August 25, 2006

People are just amazed by my 180-pound weight loss success that resulted from following a low-carb program (specifically the Atkins diet) in 2004. When they ask me how I was able to lose close to 200 pounds on this miraculous way of eating, I quickly tell them I didn’t.


After they get that confused look off of their face, I then explain that my goal was not to try to lose the 180 pounds, but rather lots of small goals about every ten pounds or so. This allowed me to celebrate little victories along the way which then motivated me to the next small goal and the next until the 180 pounds had been lost.

bq. Had I known when I started livin’ la vida low-carb on January 1, 2004 that I would go on to lose 180 pounds in one year and I tried to lose all 180 pounds in one swell foop, then I do believe I would have had a mental breakdown in the process. But having a series of smaller weight loss goals enabled me to live in the present and enjoy the unbridled joy that comes with all those little victories along the way to my ultimate prize of a 180-pound weight loss.

Read more about how making small goals in my low-carb weight loss effort helped me become the success that I eventually was and how it can help you as well by clicking here.


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