Atkins Protege Takes Over Where Dr. Atkins Left Off

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ August 26, 2006

Dr. Mary C. Vernon, one of the strongest clinical research proponents of the Atkins diet today, has joined forces with Richard J. Rothstein to create a unique new web site called “Ask Dr. Vernon” that will feature actual questions from real people about diet, nutrition and health from the perspective of controlled-carbohydrate living.

It was obvious to me after my recent interview with Dr. Vernon that she was looking for a way to become more accessible to those who have questions about the Atkins diet and how it can help them lose weight, control their diabetes, and get healthy. Now she has found a way to do just that in a format that Dr. Robert C. Atkins himself would probably be using if he were still around today.

Rothstein and Dr. Vernon are fully aware of the uphill battle they face with their new web site because of all the negative misinformation and outright lies that has been distributed about the Atkins diet by the media and the so-called health “experts” over the past few years.

bq. “The Atkins Diet is not about cheeseburgers, bacon and big juicy steaks: that is one of the outrageous myths fostered by certain segments of the commercial food industry and the medical and nutrition communities that felt threatened economically and professionally by Dr. Atkins’ belief in whole foods and his contempt for most processed and refined foods,” Rothstein explained. “Additionally, contrary to the many myths about Atkins, many of his successful patients were practicing vegetarians so this is a site for all people who eat.”

This certainly looks like an interesting place for people who have questions regarding the Atkins/low-carb nutritional approach to find honest answers from a real health expert.


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