Kick-Sugar Success Story Column Debuts: Spotlight on Jaime Jackson

Filed under: Health — @ August 26, 2006

Today marks the debut of a new feature, which I’m dubbing, “Kick-Sugar Success Story.” The idea of this Q & A is to offer you some inspiring, motivating, possibly mind-boggling, real-life tales of people, who have achieved remarkable transformations in their lives just by kicking their habit.

To be interviewed for a Kick-Sugar Success Story, you need to have either completely cut out or heavily curtailed your consumption of sugar and refined carbs and achieved wonderful results.

Now, bear in mind that your transformation from stopping sugar could involve many different components. It might be the obvious, which is that you’ve lost weight. But I’m also particularly interested in telling your tale if you’ve found that properly maintaining your blood sugar and eliminating or reducing sugar gave you better moods, improved your concentration, or almost did away with your insulin resistance. Or perhaps confronting your quickie-carb consumption sent your severe PMS packing. Or maybe taking control of your sugar habit increased your sagging libido.

Now, I invite you to read this fascinating Q & A with the articulate, dynamic, personable, now-healthy, glowing Jaime Jackson, who I had the pleasure of meeting while we both attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Click here to read this inspiring, intriguing Kick-Sugar Success Story: Jaime Jackson, New York, New York


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