It’s A War Out There In The World Of Dieting

Filed under: Publications — @ August 27, 2006

If you have been on the low-carb lifestyle for any length of time, then you are fully aware of the tremendous amount of negative backlash that this way of eating causes in otherwise civil people. They will chastise you and try to make you feel guilty about eating low-carb all without ever fully knowing what low-carb living is about. This is frustrating to say the least.

Well now there is a new web site dedicated to allowing honest and open debate about the various nutritional approaches out there. It’s called, appropriately enough, “Diet WarZone” and WANTS to hear from people who have an opinion about diet, nutrition and health.

bq. The creators of this site, which includes a special forum to feature “lively dietary debate,” are not taking a position on any of the diet plans out there. Instead, they want people who have an opinion to share from their own experience or from someone they know to feel uninhibited to express how they really feel about the nutritional approach they believe in the most.

Learn more about the new “Diet Warzone” forum and how you can take an active role in it by clicking here.


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