Stella Accuses Low-Carb Blogger Of Success Story Stealing?

Filed under: Celebrity — @ August 28, 2006

Who would have ever thought that featuring a low-carb weight loss success story on a low-carb blog would cause such an uproar, but that is exactly what has happened.

George Stella, star of the hit Food Network television show “Low-Carb And Lovin’ It,” has accused me of stealing the “Stella Style” success story of a woman named Kelley Keener from his web site. You can see Kelley’s story on the “Stella Style” web site by clicking here.

However, Kelley’s mother had sent me an e-mail sharing Kelley’s weight loss success and they granted me permission to write a column about it featuring pictures and quotes from Kelley. Click here to see what I wrote.

I had no idea that Kelley’s story was already on George Stella’s web site at the time, but that didn’t stop the famous author and TV star from accusing me of stealing it for use at my blog.

bq. “You simply cannot go around trying to fill your site, you must attract others who offer content,” Stella wrote in an e-mail. “Do you understand? I didn’t search out success stories to inspire others, they found me and to take others likeness and write stories and all that you do to help others is the right cause but the wrong way to go about it.”

Aside from the fact that I didn’t search out Kelley’s success story, I don’t really see what I did wrong with what I did.

bq. I didn’t seek out Kelley’s story, her mom came to ME with it! What’s the big deal about sharing a weight loss success story in multiple places anyway, George? Aren’t we all supposed to be on the same team helping others shed the pounds and change their lives forever? I don’t appreciate being accused of taking anything from anyone when that story was offered to me as a possible future blog post directly from the person I wrote about. If anyone deserves an apology here, it’s ME for being wrongfully accused of doing something unscrupulous and conniving. As you can see, I clearly did nothing wrong.

Click here to read more accusations from George Stella about this unfortunate misunderstanding.


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