Atkins ‘Dissolving,’ You Can’t Keep The Weight Loss Off Long-Term, Dietician Says

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ August 29, 2006

Dieticians are a special group of people in this world. Whenever you’re having a bad day and you need a good laugh, you can count on these so-called “experts” to uplift you and make you so proud that you are on the low-carb lifestyle.

Take the comments in this story from registered dietician Nancy Kazakis, for example. Not only does she give her skewed “tips” and “advice” about how people should be eating on their healthy diet, but she gets in her own swing or two at the Atkins diet in the process.

bq. Kazakis made the boneheaded comment that while the “dissolving” Atkins diet “worked for many,” it has “never helped people maintain their weight once they took it off.” Oh really, Ms. Kazakis. NOBODY! Then I guess I’m a “nobody” because I lost 180 pounds on it in 2004 and have kept it off for a couple of years now. You might want to also meet Kent Altena, Karen Kimball, Colleen Awalt, and John Smith, ALL of whom lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off ever since! Where do these people come up with such idiotic claims about low-carb?!

Be sure to check out what else this dietician says about how you should be eating, including her comments about specific foods she RECOMMENDS (along with my comments about how that stacks up with low-carb living) by clicking here.


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