Help For Kitchen Klutzes Like Me: How to Keep Your Fingers Intact While Cooking (Article)

Filed under: Health — @ August 29, 2006

I just couldn’t help myself. Because of my recent fiasco in the kitchen, I just had to write something to help others avoid my painful experience. Here’s an article that I wrote, inspired by my cooking disaster.

I’m not a chef. Not even close. More to the point, I’m a bona fide Kitchen Klutz. Specifically, I need to be super vigilant if I’m near knives. A mere week ago, I learned this painful lesson. It was a Friday evening, and eager to sautee some scrumptious, organic sweet potatoes to get healthy “fries,” I accidentally chopped right into my left thumb and nearly totally took off the tip. Ouch!

Suffice it to say that my ensuing evening was unpleasant and memorable: Bleeding profusely for half an hour; the bulging eyes of the two EMS guys when they saw the large, suspicious knife (I’ve retired the utensil forever); the ambulance ride to a nearby hospital; learning that I narrowly missed my bone; agonizing, made-me-scream injections to numb the pain enough so the ER doctor could sew back together my finger. You get the idea.

If, you, too, are prone to being a Kitchen Klutz, you don’t have to befall my sharp, dangerous fate before you change your chopping ways and learn how not to cut your digits. Rather, let two of my favorite chefs guide you to cutlery safety.

Read more at my to hear from two wonderful chefs. First, we’ll get advice from Alexandra Jamieson, a certified holistic health counselor, better known as “Healthy Chef Alex.” (You may recognize Alex, because not only has she appeared on “Oprah,” but she plays a pivotal role in the much-acclaimed documentary, “Super Size Me,” written and directed by her husband Morgan Spurlock.

You’ll also hear from the charming “Natural Foods Chef” Andrea Beaman, also a certified holistic health counselor. (Andrea may be familiar to you, too, because she was recently a contestant on Bravo’s “Top Chef” TV show.)

Get their great tips now so you can avoid my scary fate in the kitchen!


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