Pfizer Hit With More Lawsuits Over Lipitor

Filed under: Health — @ August 30, 2006

Attorney Mark Jay Krum is now representing dozens of clients in a class action lawsuit against Pfizer, who manufactures the worlds bestselling cholesterol-lowering medication Lipitor. This follows on the heels of two other lawsuits in June against the pharmaceutical giant.

The crux of the lawsuits center around the extensive marketing of Lipitor by Pfizer as a safe drug. However, the people involved in the lawsuit all claim some sort of physical personal injury as a result of taking the dangerous statin medication.

Here are a few of Krum’s clients alleging problems with taking Lipitor:

1. A pilot from Virginia who says he has permanent muscle and nerve damage from taking Lipitor which has kept him from flying because he can no longer pass the required physical.

2. A former professional soccer player from Amherst, New York has had trouble on Lipitor.

3. A dentist in Long Island, New York is also experiencing issues with the cholesterol-lowering medication.

4. The widow of a former New York Congressman started taking Lipitor in 1999 and now has developed several irreversible health problems such as damage to the peripheral nervous system damage (peripheral neuropathy), short-term memory loss and depression, among others. She recently came off of Lipitor, but still has issues with memory, balance, tingling in her extremities, confusion, and chronic fatigue. Her doctor says she has cerebral atrophy not associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Former UK soccer player and vice-president of a public company in Long Island, New York began taking Lipitor to bring his cholesterol down on the advice of his doctor and noticed that he has nerve damage in his hand, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles” which has made his workout routine “excruciatingly painful and impossible to carry out.”

Click here to read more about the lawsuits and how you can get involved in it if you have suffered debilitating side effects from taking Lipitor.


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