Big Sugar Spending More Than $1.8 Million to Disqualify Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Davis

Filed under: In The News — @ September 1, 2006

Check out this eye-opening piece entitled “Big Sugar Rules Florida,” in the The Hotline: National Journal’s Daily Briefing on Politics.

It gives you a bit of flavor about how the sugar industry’s political committees could actually influence election outcomes and put into power officials favorable to policies that help them.

For instance, “Big Sugar,” as The Hotline reports, is allegedly spending $1.8-plus million on “a subterranean campaign to disqualify Dem gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis, who has a narrow lead going into his 9/5 primary against Rod Smith.”

The Miami Herald and The Orlando Sentinel also provide some context for these very un-sweet, behind-the-scenes political manuevering.

In fact, the latter paper even talked about how Davis confronted Smith about his campaign’s extensive ties to the sugar industry. Read more here.


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