Burglar Blames Sugary Snacks For Enticing Him To Commit Crime

Filed under: In The News — @ September 1, 2006

Have you heard about this burglar down in Louisiana who broke into a convenience store after hours on Monday night? Was he looking to steal some money? Nope, he was going after something MUCH more valuable to him.

What was it? DOUGHNUTS AND DANISHES!!! I’m NOT joking!

Twenty-year old Bryan Perrilloux was arrested on Monday night after breaking into a closed convenience store at 11:30 at night looking for the sugary snacks. He punched a hole in the glass to get inside and cut himself all in his quest for the sugary pastries that his body apparently needed as bad as a drug addict needs his fix.

Perrilloux’s sugar withdrawals led him to take this criminal action to get the desperate hit he wanted. In fact, he even admitted as much to the police officer who asked him why he did this and his response was that he “just wanted some pastries.”

Click here to read more about how this man’s sugar addiction led him to a life of crime.


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