Wanna Be Sugar-Free? “Look at Things As They Can Be”

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ September 1, 2006

Wanna Be Sugar-Free? “Look at Things As They Can Be,”
Today’s daily motivation from Max Steingart, I hope, will inspire those of you trying to kick sugar, lose weight, and become a great success in all that you undertake.

Your range of available choices right now has no limits.
The only limits you have are in your mind.
You’ve got it in you to succeed.
Just make up your mind and stick with it.

You weren’t born with any limits on your powers
or any set limits to your capacity.
At any moment, you have more possibilities than you can act upon.

Imagine your possibilities and your vision expands.
Capture your dreams in your mind and your life becomes full.
Reach out and touch the limits of your being in your mind. Max Steingart

You can, because you think you can.

FYI, this kind of attitude is what enabled me to kick sugar and, for that matter, to research and write my incredibly labor-intensive book, SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books, Dec. 26, 2006).



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