Why Does Water Need to Be “Wild” and Sugary For Kids To Drink It?

Filed under: New Product — @ September 1, 2006

What’s the matter with plain water? Why do kids need to have sugary, flavored water with snazzy sounding names?

Well, according to Brad Barnhorn and Chris Testa, kids find water boring, even if contains “predictable marketing gimmicks like cartoon characters on the labels.”

Kids are so ho-hum about water that Barnhorn and Testa launched their own flavored Wild Waters drinks that are allegedly “60 to 70 percent less sugar and calories than the leading sugary juices and soft drinks and free of any controversial artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.” (Well, that’s certainly better than most drinks out there.) Oh, and the beverages are reportedly loaded with “specific nutrients identified by the USDA as lacking in children’s diets.”

But, I’m just not impressed. The colorful drinks still have sugar in them. Yeah, maybe 60 to 70 percent less sugar, but ingesting sweeteners still can cause problems for you, as I’ve been learning for the last five years while working on my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK! (In fact, sugar robs your body of minerals and more, so I find it kind of intriguing that this drink throws some nutrients back in.)

Read more on my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.


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