Colpo Compiles ‘Best Of TheOmnivore’ In New E-Book

Filed under: Publications — @ September 2, 2006

For fans of the writings of Anthony Colpo (author of “The Great Cholesterol Con”) from his now-defunct web site, I have some very good news to share with you. All of your favorite research columns, witty responses from critics, and on-target commentary regarding the state of modern health from Colpo are in a brand new e-book entitled “The Best Of TheOmnivore.”

This 266-page collection includes most of the articles by Anthony Colpo that have grown him fans and enemies worldwide. Colpo invested countless hours of much of his life over the past three years researching, writing, refuting, and doing the dirty behind-the-scenes work to prove all these health claims we have had hammered down our throats for decades are as wrong as wrong can be. He did all of this without one single dime of payment from any special interest groups so he could uphold the independent integrity of his research.

How much is he asking for this e-book? Just $4.99. In fact, he’s donating a dollar of the proceeds to benefit a charitable organization.

Click here to learn more about this new e-book from Anthony Colpo and how you can order your copy TODAY!


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