Danish & Donuts Drove Man To Break Into A Convenience Store for a “Sugar Fix”

Filed under: In The News — @ September 2, 2006

Now this is one wild, sad, over-the-top incident that illustrates the power of the need for a “sugar fix.”

You see, doughnuts and Danishes drove a 20-year-old Reserve man to smash the window of a convenience store in New Orleans late Monday night. Whoah! Now that’s sugar addiction in action, wouldn’t you say?

The Sugar Burglar — Bryan Perrilloux, who’s now being held at Sherman Walker Correctional Facility (rather than a $15,000 bond) — admitted to police that he he was just trying to score some pastries when he broke into Danny and Clyde’s convenience store.

Sure sounds like he was possessed by a powerful, irrational, horribly misguided force!

Read more about this wild story at my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.


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