Do We Get Fat From Being Rich Or Poor?

Filed under: In The News — @ September 5, 2006

If you love thought-provoking questions, then check this one out:

Is obesity caused by affluence or poverty?

Think about it for a moment. Especially in countries like the United States of America, widely known as the land of fruit and plenty, our affluence avails us the opportunity to have instant access to just about any kind of food we could possibly want. We don’t have to walk for miles to get to our food (although we should to burn off some calories!) or wait in line for hours to purchase our food like people in other countries do. No, we can hop in our cozy cars, drive down one mile to our local grocery or conveniece store, go to the self-checkout, ring ourselves up, swipe a card and be on our merry way with food in hand within minutes. How convenient is that?

Is this kind of easy access to food making us fat?

On the flip side, you’ve got people who claim that since the poor can’t afford to purchase the right kinds of foods because they are allegedly too expensive for them to buy, they make alternate food choices instead. So, what do they end up buying? Usually it’s the cheap, high-carb, high-sugar foods with virtually zero nutrtional value whatsoever. UGH! Not surprisingly, a steady diet of this junk food will lead to a rapid increase in weight and health problems down the road. Not good.

Is the inability to afford healthy food making us fat?

So which is it? Click here to read more about both sides of this complex issue.


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