Is Fried Coke A Part Of ‘Balance And Variety And Moderation’ In Your Diet?

Filed under: In The News — @ September 6, 2006

The 10th International Congress on Obesity is meeting this week in Sydney, Australia with nearly 3,000 health experts trying to figure out why obesity rates have gotten completely out of control worldwide. But there is one man there who, believe it or not, is atempting to make the case that drinking Coca-Cola is a part of a healthy lifestyle. No kidding!

His name is Dr. John Foreyt who is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Houston, TX-based Baylor College of Medicine. Coke executives paid for him to attend this conference to help take the pressure off of their company regarding rising obesity rates. And Dr. Foreyt has his talking points to explain why they are not at least partly to blame.

bq. “I think the answer to really looking at a healthy lifestyle is balance and variety and moderation, and any time you pick out a single culprit you’re going to really be in trouble, because, you know, obesity and health risks are all associated with multiple factors,” Dr. Foreyt told ABC Australia radio.

So, we can clearly infer from his comments that he thinks it is completely okay for people to be walking around guzzling Coca-Cola, right?

bq. Dr. Foreyt is making the argument that drinking sugary Coke is indeed a part of a healthy diet when he states that it is all about “balance and variety and moderation.” But the reality is there is no room for the excessive amounts of sugar, in the form of the absolute worst food ingredient ever invented–high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), that they put in Coca-Cola to be consumed by most people. The idea that drinking Coke to “balance” your diet and then expecting people to eat in “moderation” (can you say calorie-restricted portion control diets that may be unhealthy and ineffective for many?) is just more of the same old garbage and meaningless dietary advice we’ve always heard.

Hey Dr. Foreyt? If everything is about “balance and variety and moderation” in our diet, then where does Fried Coke fit into that equation, hmmm?

Oh, Dr. Foreyt had a whole lot more eye-opening things to say about just how healthy drinking Coca-Cola is. UGH! Click here to read the rest of his comments.


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