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Filed under: Health — @ September 8, 2006

The brand new Health Hacks Podcast had an AWESOME debut last week and now it’s time for you to enjoy Episode 2.

Click on the player below to hear this week’s show:

This is an outstanding podcast and I urge you to listen attentively. This is NOT a boring broadcast, but rather a fast-paced, informative show that is loads of fun with entertaining music, interviews, tips and more.

In Episode 2, executive producer and host Kevin Kennedy-Spaien references me at the beginning of the podcast when he talks about the “huffing and puffing” he did in Episode Beta. LOL! Had to rag him about it a little and I’m sure he will get to the point where he isn’t breathing so hard when walking. You’ll get there, Kevin!

Reinhard Engels is a very interesting with his No “S” Diet. I don’t buy into everything he says here, but he’s got some good basic information to help people live healthier lives.

Chris Brogan references a tip from our good buddy who hates livin’ la vida low-carb, “3-Hour Diet” author Jorge Cruise. Chris likes the idea of dividing your plate up into little sections for each macronutrient. Whatever works for people is good to me!

My segment (Jimmy Moore) talks about people who are not serious about the weight loss plan they are on because they are either doing a “modified” version or their own way of eating to lose weight. This is dedicated to all those idiots in the media who like to say low-carb failed when it was the people who didn’t do it right that did the failing!

There is so much more jam-packed into this episode that you’ll want to hear from start to finish. Be sure to visit the Health Hacks post about Episode 2 and share your feedback. Of course, you can also leave your feedback at 978-416-BE-OK and it may be featured on a future episode.

New episodes of the Health Hacks Podcast come out every Wednesday to bring you Health, Fitness, and Inspiration – In Your Ear. CHECK IT OUT!


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