I’ll Raise My PYY By Ignoring The High-Protein Lies

Filed under: Study — @ September 9, 2006

Critics of the low-carb lifestyle like to point out that it is loaded with “all that protein” which is allegedly bad for your health. But new research released this week may just prove that’s the biggest lie you could ever tell someone who needs to lose weight.

Dr. Rachel Batterham from University College London did a study of the impact of consuming protein as it relates to an important hunger-controlling hormone called peptide YY (PYY). What she found was protein increased PYY in the body which caused the study participants to eat a third less food compared with the control subjects who ate a high-fat diet or a high-carbohydrate diet.

Although Dr. Batterham stopped short of endorsing the low-carb lifestyle because she still thinks saturated fat is bad for your health, it does appear her study runs counter to the lies we often hear about eating a high-protein diet.

bq. It’s all about that beautiful word known as SATIETY–feeling satisfied to the point that you just aren’t hungry. Now thanks to Dr. Batterham we know it has to do with the PYY production. This is the first such study that explains WHY protein works so well to naturally reduce calorie consumption while keeping you full and satisfied for hours which results in eating less. It’s one of the beautiful things about the low-carb lifestyle.

Click here to read more about Dr. Rachel Batterham’s research on the PYY hormone and protein.


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