Halfway To ’30-In-30′ Weight Loss Goal In Just Six Weeks

Filed under: Events — @ September 12, 2006

When I started the “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge six weeks ago today, I had high expectations to do one simple thing: lose 30 pounds in 30 weeks! Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, I’m pleased to report after my Week 6 weigh-in today that I lost another 3 pounds last week for a total weight loss of 15.5 pounds since August 1, 2006. YEAH!

After losing 6.5 pounds the week before on this new omega-based low-carb diet plan from Regina Wilshire, I decided to share my menu from that week to help others who want to try this for themselves. It really has jumpstarted my weight loss again and may be exactly what you are looking for if you have gotten “stuck,” too.

I am currently working on a list of acceptable omega-3 enriched foods as well as posting more of my menus in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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