Unlock The Low-Carb Code With DaVinci Syrups

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After I posted my one-week menu from last week following my sudden 6.5-pound weight loss, a bunch of people e-mailed me about DaVinci syrups. What are they and where can you buy them?

I’m totally surprised that so many people haven’t heard of one of the greatest and bestselling low-carb products that has ever been released! Seriously, these DaVinci syrups are so wild and crazy good you’ll never believe they are sugar-free and made with Splenda. SWEET!

Try this on for size, too: ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, and ZERO sugar! What more could you want in a flavored syrup? What’s that? You wanna know how it tastes, you say? Oh man, this is the best part of DaVinci syrups in my opinion.

In my sample menu, I listed “heavy whipping cream with DaVinci syrup.” With over 44 different varieties of flavors to choose from, I could have a different low-carb dessert every night for the next 1 1/2 months! WOO HOO! And they’re all so yummy to my tummy without an ounce of guilt in the world.

Like Baskin Robbins ice cream, you’ll have trouble figuring out which one to try next. Here is a listing of the DaVinci syrup flavors that are currently available:

Butter Rum
Dulce de Leche
Cookie Dough
Malibu Rum
Maple Pancake
French Vanilla
Spice Blend
Egg Nog
Star Fruit
B52 (Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Irish Cream)
Creme de Menthe
English Toffee
Irish Cream
Lemon Lime
Macadamia Nut
Peanut Butter
Peppermint Paddy
Red Hot Cinnamon
Toasted Hazelnut
Toasted Marshmallow

With such a large variety of flavors to choose from, there should be at least a few of these that you can use to infuse a little flavor into your favorite beverage or food. Oh my goodness, the possibilities with the DaVinci syrups are endless.

Now, let me warn you, don’t let the word “syrup” fool you into thinking this product is a rich, thick liquid like honey or pancake syrup. It is not. The consistency is more like vanilla extract with the same kind of results in terms of flavoring. You will NOT be disappointed with the way these syrups flavor your food and drinks.

The DaVinci syrups come in 750 ml bottles for those flavors you KNOW you will love and enjoy often, 375 ml bottles for those flavors you want to use only on occasion, as well as the convenient sample-size 50 ml bottles if you just want to try some of the more popular flavors first.

I personally use DaVinci syrups all the time because they are an excellent way to add flavor to just about anything you are eating or drinking while livin’ la vida low-carb without having to worry about extra calories or carbs. So why not try DaVinci syrups for yourself and you’ll unlock the mysterious secrets to the low-carb code. Okay, it’s no secret, but you really oughta try ‘em for yourself. ORDER SOME TODAY!!!


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