Do We Need Free Universal Health Club Memberships?

Filed under: Health — @ September 19, 2006

A Pilates teacher from Los Angeles, California named Meredith made a comment on my recent column entitled “Obesity: A Product Of Affluence Or Poverty?” that spawned another excellent topic of conversation about the state of health and obesity in America today.

Here’s what she proposes:

“I think the government should provide the ability for everyone to be a member of a health club or fitness program. As a Pilates instructor, I know it can be incredibly expensive to have a consistent trainer and pay for club memberships. Americans simply do not have the extra money to pay for these things.”

Her proposal is that employers and/or the federal government basically GIVES every American a free universal health club membership. What do you think about this idea? Would it help reduce obesity as Meredith suggests?

Here’s is just a snippet of my thoughts on the issue:

bq. I don’t necessarily think Meredith’s idea is a bad one considering all the other ridiculous social programs that our government has come up with over the years. But how effective would having fitness classes like the ones she teaches available at no charge if the people who need it the most choose to stay at home snacking on Cheetos while watching football? I don’t think we have a budget problem necessarily, Meredith, but rather a refusing-to-budge one instead.

Click here to read more of what Meredith is proposing and how I believe it is an admirable, but unworkable solution to a much bigger problem.


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