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Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ September 21, 2006

People have been fascinated by the one-week low-carb menus I have been posting over the past couple of weeks (click here and here to see them). I decided to post one more week’s worth of my low-carb menus for you since I started the intermittent fasting recommended by Dr. Mike Eades for this week. Perhaps I will post that menu next week as well.

Since I started on Regina Wilshire’s omega-focused diet plan three weeks ago, I have lost in excess of 10 pounds and the scale is moving (I lost another pound last week). Yee haw! So, naturally, people are curious about what I am doing. For the third week in a row, here is my menu from this past week of what I actually ate.

I’m still paying very close attention to avoid maltitol, aspartame and caffeine as much as humanly possible. It’s hard to find foods that don’t contain these, but it is indeed possible. I added back a few more comfort products this week such as low-carb peanut butter and chocolates. For the time being until the FDA can figure out what’s going on with the E. coli problem with spinach, I’m staying away from them although they are my favorite salad veggie.

Click here to see my entire low-carb menu, supplement schedule and exercise routine from last week.


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