I’m Intermittent Fasting Never Again!

Filed under: Health — @ September 24, 2006

It lasted exactly 4 long days, 19 hours, and 15 minutes.

BUT IT FELT LIKE AN ETERNITY! Remember that intermittent fasting (IF) experiment I started this past Sunday night at 6:00pm? You know, the one that respected low-carb author and expert Dr. Mike Eades had suggested at his blog last week? Being the nothing’s-too-hard adventurer that I am, I decided to try it. Boy oh boy, what was I getting myself into!

All I have to say about my intermittent fasting experiment in retrospect is UGH, UGH, and UGH!

Perhaps it would be completely unfair of me to not tell you the lessons (yes, there was something good that came out of this experience) I learned about myself in the context of my diet and health.

Here is a summary of a few things I discovered:

1. I was addicted to caffeine.
2. I felt real hunger for the first time in a while.
3. I realized the importance of food to fuel my workouts.
4. I discovered what being ravenous felt like again.
5. I found out I don’t do well without eating food.

Click here to read more about my intermittent fasting experience and why it didn’t work very well for me.


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