Krispy Kreme Owner: If You’re Gonna Cheat On Low-Carb, Then ‘Cheat With The Best’

Filed under: Business — @ September 25, 2006

Krispy Kreme franchise owner Lincoln Spoor says the Atkins low-carb diets have not had a negative impact on his business despite many closings over the past couple of years because “everybody cheats” on their diet and they buy his doughnuts to “cheat with the best.”

Here are just a few of the comments Spoor said in a recent interview:

I think what’s happening is people are very smart about what they eat these days. They ration their calories. You do, I do…I really want something best of class, so if I cheat, and everybody cheats, then I’m going to cheat with the best…People cheat with our doughnuts…If you’ve gone off your diet if you’ve cheated a little bit and you’ve done that, it’s worth it. You’re like, ‘You know what? I’ve cheated, I loved it, and I’m glad.’”

Can you believe the arrogance of this guy?

bq. How does he know that people who cheated on their diet “loved it” and are “glad” they did it? I for one would feel so guilty from an emotional standpoint as well as physically sick from consuming all those empty carbohydrates that it could lead me to a binge eating attack that would balloon me right back up to 400+ pounds again. NO THANK YOU!

Click here to read more alarming comments from Spoor about his Krispy Kreme doughnut business in relation to people wanting to lose weight.


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