Dana Carpender Clears The Air About What She Thinks Of Low-Carb Now

Filed under: Celebrity — @ September 26, 2006

What’s not to love about bestselling low-carb cookbook author Dana Carpender? She has taken her success on a low-carb diet and parlayed it into a very successful writing career (check out all the Dana Carpender books on Amazon.com) that has won her critical acclaim and created a name for herself along the way.

When I started my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog in April 2005, Dana was one of the first low-carb celebrities I came across and I have found her to be a very forthright, firm believer in the principles of livin’ la vida low-carb. That’s why I named her to my list of low-carb “movers & shakers” in 2005.

Then I learned that Dana was a fan of my blog and we began corresponding via e-mail. Despite being the well-known low-carb cooking goddess that she is, I found her to be nothing but a gracious and wonderful woman who would like nothing better than to help people live healthier lives with better food choices. That’s why she has been so prolific with her numerous books, including her latest one called “Every Calorie Counts Cookbook.”

But, she hasn’t been without controversy this year when she removed the “low-carb” label from her popular syndicated newspaper column and her latest book. Nevertheless, with tens of thousands of subscribers to her Lowcarbezine! and the creation of a new URL for her web site entitled LowCarbohydrate.net, it’s obvious this incredible woman is not even close to giving up on low-carb anytime soon.

I think you’ll see how apparent that is in my exclusive interview with her where she clears the air about what she thinks of low-carb now. Prepare to be enlightened!


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