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People who know me now can vouch for the fact that I am a bona fide workout nut. As in, I go to the gym ALL THE TIME for my regular sessions of sweating and getting my heart rate up. I absolutely love the fact that I have made exercise a permanent habit that I fully intend on doing for the rest of my life. It’s THAT important to me.

This is a far cry from the 410-pound morbidly obese slob that I was in early 2004. No energy, no motivation, no willingness to change…I was the proverbial ticking time bomb from a health standpoint. I needed to lose weight and start exercising as soon as possible or my days were numbered. That’s a serious place to let yourself get into, but there I was!

My blogging friend Kent Altena was also in that same boat when he weighed over 400 pounds before the Atkins diet came to save him as well. But Kent and I will both stand here today and proudly give credit to our regular exercise regimens as much as our low-carb lifestyle for helping us become 200-pound weight loss success stories. That’s why Kent’s latest Atkins education video is on this subject of exercise.

Check out the video below:


When I decided to write my book “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” about my low-carb experience, I KNEW exercise would need to have a chapter of its own. I called the chapter “Exercise Is Not A Dirty Word.” As much as we want to bemoan and run kicking and screaming away from this important element to a healthy lifestyle, exercise is extremely important not only for weight loss, but also for improving your health.

Studies have shown that exercise extends the length of your life, lowers cholesterol in tandum with a low-carb diet, and protects against heart disease with just 30 minutes daily.

Exercising causes people to notice you and is absolutely an integral part of your low-carb lifestyle. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about! Wanna see phenomenal results with low-carb? Then you will want to start exercising as soon as possible.

Kent notes in his video to start off slow or even ignore exercise early on as you begin changing your dietary habits which are usually the bigger problem for most people. I took this approach and did not exercise until month 2 of my Atkins diet. I lost 30 pounds in month 1, but adding exercise in month 2 helped me shed 40 pounds. WOW! That just motivated me to keep on exercising to see how much MORE I could lose. Of course, I went on to lose 180 pounds in 2004.

Although I can easily get through a 45-minute workout today burning 750-800 calories on the elliptical machine, I remember those early days of being the “fat guy” walking on the treadmill at 3mph for 20 minutes gasping for air. HELP ME, I CAN’T BREATHE! LOL! It’s funny NOW that I’m a lot more physically conditioned to exercise, but it was a tough road early on. You can find out more about my exercise experiences in my book. Let’s just say it wasn’t always very pretty. :-~

Kent makes the excellent point that regardless of how long you exercise when you decide to do it, just start getting in the habit of exercise so you can learn to schedule it in your life. People who say they don’t have time to exercise are lying to themselves. They have the time but they choose to fill it with something else. I go exercise on my lunch break just as I have for the past three years. The fine folks at the YMCA know me by name and can almost set their watch for my daily arrival.

As was stated on the video by Kent, you may not FEEL like exercising at first, but soon something very special will start to happen. You will have so much energy coming out of your body that you will WANT to exercise to let it all out of you. You’ll become an exercise monster and start craving it like you used to crave chocolate cake. Sounds absurd, but you will!

Post your comments about Kent’s latest video at his blog and don’t forget to THANK him for the outstanding service he is doing for the low-carb community.


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