Doctors Starting To Support Low-Carb More, Survey Finds

Filed under: Study — @ October 3, 2006

Dr. Feinman saw incredible behavioral changes of actual low-carbers

The results of a survey of 3,000 members of the popular Active Low-Carber’s Forum were published in the Nutrition Journal on Monday and the results of the survey showed some very surprising results about the real-life dietary habits of people who are livin’ la vida low-carb.

Lead researcher Dr. Richard D. Feinman, along with Dr. Mary C. Vernon and Dr. Eric C. Westman, wanted to see what kinds of changes that real-life low-carb dieters make when they begin counting carbohydrates for weight loss and improved health and whether all the stereotypical behaviors associated with people on a low-carb diet are true or not.

Click here to read the myth-busting results of this survey regarding vegetable and fat consumption, portion sizes, as well as how many family doctor’s perceptions of their patients on a low-carb diet is shifting to a more supportive role. Prepare to be amazed by what Dr. Feinman discovered with his survey.


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