Jimmy Moore Interview With Dr. Dean Ornish (Part 1)

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Dr. Ornish wants low-carb supporters to know what he really believes

When you talk about the subject of diet, health and nutrition in the United States, one man embodies what has become a cultural phenomenon that has quite literally enveloped our government, medical community and the very citizens of this country for the past three decades. His name is Dr. Dean Ornish.

Widely considered “that low-fat diet doctor,” Ornish told me in my exclusive interview with him that he really doesn’t like that title since a very low-fat diet is merely one minor blip among the spectrum of dietary choices he recommends for people to lose weight, get healthy, and, based on his studies, reverse heart disease.

Some may question why someone like Jimmy Moore, arguably the biggest supporter of the low-carb lifestyle on the Internet today, would even want to interview someone holding such a diametrically opposite belief about diet and health as Dr. Dean Ornish, but the answer is a simple one in my eyes. I wanted to learn more about what he REALLY believes straight from the horse’s mouth rather than simply relying on what I’ve heard and read about him before.

People who support livin’ la vida low-carb often lament how the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins was unfairly maligned by his opponents who twisted and perverted what he really believed. And they did and still do. So why should we do the same when it comes to Dr. Dean Ornish? At least you will have the chance to hear him out in his own words and decide for yourself what you agree with and disagree with about his philosophy. This interview should shatter any misconceptions that may exist in your mind about him.

Don’t get me wrong, though, you’ll still be able to see for yourself the gigantic philosophical differences that this man ascribes to compared to those of us who support low-carb living. I quite literally had to bite my tongue in some parts of the interview because I vehemently disagreed with what he was saying. But I was merely listening and learning. At the same time, don’t be surprised to find yourself actually agreeing with “the enemy” himself on several pertinent points during my interview as well.

Dr. Ornish hopes by sharing what he believes that people who support livin’ la vida low-carb can stop just long enough to listen to what he has to say with an open mind and only base their opinions on what he says, not on what others have said about him. It’s sad that the same professional courtesy cannot be given to Dr. Atkins now, but that’s a topic for another day.

I’m sure there will be many of my readers who wished I had hammered Dr. Ornish more on certain subjects or challenged him on statements he made during the interview. Sorry to disappoint you, but that wasn’t the point of my interview with him. I truly wanted to ask my questions and listen to what he had to say for my own enlightenment about what he believes and why he believes it. No pretenses, no agenda, no needless fanfare–just his honest responses to a low-carb supporter’s concerns.

I have previously blogged about my disdain for Ornish’s beliefs, so it was time to see what he really had to say for himself. This interview has been months in the making and I’m so glad to finally be able to bring it to you beginning today.

Much of what you will discover about Dr. Dean Ornish may be stuff you already knew about him, but I won’t be surprised to hear that you found out something brand new that you never knew before. That’s why I did this interview and I’m thankful that Dr. Ornish was willing to go into “enemy territory” by sharing his thoughts on various low-carb forums such as CarbWire.

The length of my interview was such that I decided to publish this as a four-part series on successive days this week.

Part 1 out of 4 of my interview reveals what Dr. Ornish believes about nutrition, the differences between his plan and low-carb, calories and fat as they pertain to weight, the impact of sugar on health, and dietary recommendations in America.

Stay tuned the rest of this week to read the rest of my interview with Dr. Ornish.


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