Drinking Water Is Crucial To Your Low-Carb Weight Loss Success

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H20…the “wet stuff”…the drink…we’re talking WATER today. You know, that substance that covers most of the earth and our bodies. Without it for just a few days, you would surely die. So I guess getting an adequate amount of water would be considered pretty important, don’t ya think?

Well, it that much MORE important when you are livin’ la vida low-carb. That’s one of the reasons it’s generally considered an essential quality of a genuine low-carb and also why I devoted an entire chapter of my book on the subject of water–IT’S THAT CRUCIAL TO YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS!

Earlier this year, I even compiled my Top 10 Reasons For Drinking More Water after Dr. Richard Feinman told me it was an “unexpected” surprise to learn that so many low-carbers he surveyed stated that they drink more water now on their low-carb lifestyle than before. I briefly explained to him my reasons for it and he was very intrigued. It’s nice to do that to a scientific researcher, you know!

My friend and videoblogger Kent Altena discusses the topic of water in his latest how to do Atkins/low-carb video and he shares some of the wisdom he picked up during his 200-pound weight loss.


Some key points from the video:

- Water is WATER, not tea, soda, or any other drink.
- Helps you flush toxins and excess ketones out of the body.
- Fat cannot be metabolized without adequate water.
- You can avoid constipation in combination with more fiber.
- Limits the impact of Induction flu.
- Helps hydrate you for extended exercise.
- Improves your skin appearance.
- Drink the water at the temperature of your choice.
- Swallow it quickly and get it over with.
- Add a bit of lemon or lime if you need it for taste.
- You’ll have a built-in exercise plan going to the bathroom.

Let me share with you my experience with that last point. Boy will you ever! Especially early on in your low-carb plan when you haven’t been fully hydrated before, your body won’t know what to do with itself once your start pouring large amounts of water into it. While the frequency of your visits to the bathroom will increase, so too will the waste as your body gets rid of stored fat and other “stuff” that’s been hanging around inside of your obese body.

Not to get too gross or anything, but I can remember early on when I was FORCING myself to drink about 2-3 gallons of water per day what the fecal matter looked like. It was very oily and “fatty” which, as sick as it may sound, greatly encouraged me because I knew what was coming out of me was fat, fat, fat that needed to GO! I know, TMI! YUCK!

But I talk openly about this because I don’t want anyone else to think they are sick or that something’s wrong with them. If your poop is looking kinda like this or if you feel like you are having diarrhea every time you go, then GOOD! Flush that body out, baby, because you are livin’ la vida low-carb now! When you lose 70 pounds in the first two months of your low-carb program like I did, guess where that weight loss comes from. Hmmm? Makes sense now, doesn’t it?!

What about now that I’ve lost most of my weight and my body fat is considerably lower than it was when I weighed 410 pounds? My production in the bathroom is regular and clean for the most part. No more icky toilet visits for me because I’m not putting any junk in my mouth now like I did before. I’m just glad I stopped the crazy things I was doing to my body before it was too late.

Here’s what Kent said at his blog about water intake:

“My suggestion is to look at water intake like a necessity similar to exercise. For some things you just need to get it over with and get on with life. Eventually, it won


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