Maine Cottage Low-Carb Chocolate Bars Are Maltitol-Free

Filed under: New Product — @ October 6, 2006

Maine Cottage understands the need for low-carb chocolates

Last year I issued a challenge to sugar-free, low-carb chocolate companies to wake up and stop using cheap inferior sugar substitutes like the sugar alcohol maltitol which has caused many a bellyache for low-carbers who consume it.

Well, one company has taken me up on my challenge and is offering chocolate that is 100% maltitol-free. YEAH! They are Maine Cottage Foods with their new premium low-carb chocolate bars. This company is fully committed to using the very best ingredients possible, including the more expensive sweeteners like erythritol and oligofructose, to provide their customers with a quality chocolate bar that they won’t regret having eaten it hours later.

The fine folks at Maine Cottage Foods are committed to helping the low-carb community as well as diabetics enjoy the tasty goodness of chocolate without all the carbohydrates and sugars that dominate the ingredients in most chocolate bars nowadays.

They come in four outstanding flavors for your enjoyment:

1. Milk Chocolate
2. Dark Chocolate
3. Chocolate Crisp
4. Mint Chocolate

So if it doesn’t have any sugar or maltitol, Jimmy, then what’s it sweetened with and what else is in it that makes it so special? GREAT QUESTION! In addition to erythritol and oligofructose, these chocolate bars from Maine Cottage Foods also have the ever-popular ACE-K and Splenda in them to bring out the sweetness of the chocolate liquor, real cocoa butter, and milk fat.

Mmmm…the taste of these bars is simply magnificent! Of course, I love my chocolate and always appreciate being able to try some new ones. I’m still a big dark chocolate fan, so that one appealed to me the most. The crisp bar really tasted like a Nestle Crunch bar. Too bad Nestle can’t get a clue and make a sugar-free version of their famous bar! The mint bar was a refreshingly cool after dinner treat.

Our friends at LO-CARB U have made the Maine Cottage low-carb chocolates available to you. Click here if you would like to place an order to try them for yourself.


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