Can Low-Fat And Low-Carb Advocates Agree On These 20 Areas Of Commonality?

Filed under: Health — @ October 7, 2006

In response to my four-part interview with Dr. Dean Ornish this week, I decided to compile a list of 20 areas of commonality between low-fat and low-carb supporters about diet and health that came out during the interview.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Weight loss isn’t about low-fat or low-carb.
2. Sugar, white flour, and white rice are not good for you.
3. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables should be consumed.
4. Take fish oil supplements for adequate omega-3 fatty acids.
5. Most people are eating too many simple carbs in their diet.
6. Sugar and refined carbs are nutritionally deficient.
7. No weight loss plan works for everybody.
8. Diet junk food is not as good for you as whole foods.
9. Dietary recommendations should be based on science.
10. People need a spectrum of dietary choices to choose from.
11. Eating something unhealthy does not ruin your diet.
12. Refusing to call a weight loss program a “diet” to begin with.
13. We must deal with the root cause of obesity: depression.
14. Sugar substitutes are an excellent alternative to sugar.
15. We need healthier food choices available at restaurants.
16. America is exporting poor dietary habits to other countries.
17. People must be educated about healthy living.
18. Change in diet and lifestyle can make a real difference.
19. A constant goal to help people lose weight and get healthy.
20. Never losing the passion or desire to spread the message.

Sure, we still have our differences, some of them significant, but what harm will come from promoting these 20 ideas to those tens of millions of people who desperately need to lose weight and get healthy? Click here to read more about my challenge.


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