Atkins Success Shows Off 60-Pound Weight Loss Online

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I always love it when I hear someone who has been successful on the Atkins diet gets the recognition they deserve for losing weight. Too often the response people give those of us who shed the pounds by livin’ la vida low-carb is that we took the easy way out doing THAT kind of diet.

SAY WHAT?! It wasn’t easy, buddy, and I worked my a–um, how shall I say this nicely–backside off to get rid of nearly 200 pounds off of my body forever. Easy my you know what. Sounds like they’re jealous if you ask me. Don’t hate the low-carb player, hate the game that makes people think they MUST eat low-fat. UGH!

Anywho, I recently told you about a new web site called Weight Loss Tips that features the stories of people who have lost weight and they were kind enough to feature my story as well as the one from my blogging friend and regular reader “Low-Carb Dave.”

Now, another one of my VERY regular readers and supporters of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog has been featured at–Victoria Shephard, aka Newbirth when she posts comments at my blog. Since going on a low-calorie Atkins diet in March 2004, she has lost over 60 pounds and is very close to her goal weight of around 140 pounds.

You may recall when I blogged about Victoria’s “Stumbling To Bethlehem” blog earlier this year which has since changed to the “Carbohydrate Addict” blog. She is vivacious and it shows in her writings. Livin’ la vida low-carb has changed Victoria for the better and she’ll never be the same again.

Click here to read her interview at

Here is her weight loss advice for would-be dieters:

- Drink your water, eat your veggies.
- There are no magic pills. Diet pills lighten nothing but your wallet.
- Find what works for you and stick with it. Any weight loss program that is done only until the weight is lost will result in weight regain. Get rid of the word “diet,” and replace it with “lifestyle change.”
- If there’s a book that goes with the program you have chosen, read it cover to cover. Then read it again.
- Take your vitamins. Everyone, no matter what plan they are on, should be doing this. It’s virtually impossible to get all the nutrients we need from food, so find a good multi-vitamin/multi-mineral and take it!
- Get rid of everything white–white bread, white rice, white sugar, potatoes. You will be MUCH better off without these things in your life ever again. Remember that starches and grains are just complex sugars and are broken down by your body into simple sugars. Treat all starches as the sugar they are and use them just as sparingly.
- It’s not just about weigth loss; it’s about health, getting your life back, and having that life to be better than ever!
- Failure is not the end of the world. We all indulge from time to time. When you fall off the wagon just get back on. The past is the past. Get back on track for the future. I’ve fallen off plan many times, but I am where I am because I get back on my program.

EXCELLENT TIPS, Victoria. I recognized a few of the things I often say here at my blog in there, too. :) She was very kind to list my blog among her favorite resources for information describing me as “encouraging, funny, and informative.” Awww, gee THANKS, Victoria! You are soooo sweet. Dr. Mike Eades, Regina Wilshire and the official Atkins diet web site also got Victoria’s approval.

CONGRATULATIONS again to Victoria Shephard! I’m so proud of your accomplishment and wish you continued success on the Atkins diet as you keep on livin’ la vida low-carb.

How about you? Got a compelling weight loss story to tell? Then share it with Lizza at You can e-mail her your success story at Who knows, you may be the next weight loss story they feature! Let me know if they do and I’ll share your success with my readers.


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