When Life Hits, Is Your Weight Loss Plan Prepared To Handle It?

Filed under: Health — @ October 12, 2006

When it rains, it most certainly pours.

That can apply to just about anything, but especially to life in general. You just never know what’s gonna come your way tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Or even that you’ll be around to see it.

This reality has hit me right square in the face over this past week. You know, I’ve always heard that bad news comes in threes. Now I’ve experienced it for myself with a chain of events that began last week and culminated today. Let me share them with you now.

BAD NEWS #1: Kevin

Last Monday, I received a telephone call from my mom who said my only full-blooded brother Kevin has been hospitalized and they found he has one artery to his heart that is completely clogged and two others that are 90 percent blocked. So many of you have been praying for Kevin as the doctors try to figure out what to do. He weighed too much (around 600 pounds) for one test, they cancelled another test last Thursday, and finally just discharged him from the hospital on Monday to see a specialist three hours away to conduct the tests. He needs emergency open-heart surgery according to the doctors, but they didn’t want the liability of his death in case he didn’t survive the surgery. He’s only 39 years old. We’re still in the hurry up and “wait” mode and may not know anything for sure for several weeks. Continue to pray for him and my family as we go through this difficult experience with Kevin. He needs a miracle at this point.

BAD NEWS #2: Our bathroom floor and roof

Just like every homeowner, Christine and I have had to deal with some issues around the house that needed to be attended to for the upkeep of our home. About a year or so ago, we noticed that we had several leaks in our ceiling that came every time it rained. When an inspector came out to the house, he discovered we had a shoddy roof job from the previous owner and he said we needed a new roof put on to the tune of about $5,000. Okay, fine. We paid someone to put a tarp on our roof while we started saving money to get that job done. We were getting close to having the money to pay for that repair when…

UH OH, what’s that dip in our bathroom floor?

We noticed a couple of weeks ago that we had a leak around the toilet in the master bathroom. We called a plumber to come out to look at it and he gave us the disturbing news that the entire bathroom floor was so rotted out that the toilet was literally being held up by the pipes and that’s it! EEEK! We called a home contractor to come out and he quoted us a price to repair the bathroom floor that basically depleted all of the savings we had designated for the roof repairs. The repair looks good and Christine was able to get some new tile floors out of it, but now we are back to square one with our savings account and the roof isn’t getting any better in the meantime. Lord, keep the ice storms away this winter! :)

BAD NEWS #3: My job

As if news about my brother and the financial strain of paying for unexpected home repairs wasn’t enough, the big one hit me this morning when after four and a half years of employment at my current job, I was told my services would no longer be needed. It wasn’t a fancy job by any means, but it was my primary means for paying the bills. The company I worked for is in a transitionary period and the new boss they brought in just a couple of days ago apparently didn’t like me for whatever reason. I guess these things happen, but now I’m without a full-time job. If only blogging full-time could make me money to support my family…HA, I’m dreaming of course! I have an interview with a temp agency on Thursday morning and have put in my resume with a company looking for a freelance writer. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck! :)

So there’s my WAH WAH WAH for the day. Sure, life could be worse–A LOT WORSE! And that’s the perspective I have to take at this moment because I have been blessed with what I do have. Could I get upset and go wallow in my own self-pity party over a pizza? Sure. What about drowning my sorrows with a big hot fudge cake with vanilla ice cream on top? Yep.

But you know what? Those things are not worth it despite my current circumstances. These bad times are only temporary, but your weight and health are with you for the rest of your life. While I may think having those indulgences will make me feel better and that I NEED them to comfort me at this time, the truth is that I DON’T need them and they won’t help me in the long run.

Keeping that frame of mind is what will keep me slim and sane even when life throws me a curve ball or two (or THREE!) like it has this past week. Don’t ever let life cause your weight loss efforts to taper and you fall off the wagon. DON’T DO IT! You’ll be glad you didn’t when happier days come back on the horizon for you.

By the way, do you know anyone who could use a quirky freelance writer with a knack for healthy living? :D


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