Junk Foods Ads Should Feature Obese People, Havey Contends

Filed under: Health — @ October 13, 2006

Like controversy? Then you’ll LOVE my interview with Julia Havey!

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world joined me for an interview recently. It’s author and health advocate Julia Havey and she’s a very special woman who has taken her amazing weight loss story and turned it into a career built around motivating people to make changes in their life to lose weight and overcome the problems that plague them.

You WILL be motivated and inspired by Julia as she shares her thoughts on what’s making us fat and unhealthy in America today. But her comments are not without their critics, though. Here are just a few examples of what Julia said during my interview that ruffles the feathers of the health establishment:

“Coca-Cola has assisted in the ‘beverage consumption assisted suicide’ of 2.6 MILLION people!”
“I think continued litigation is the only way [fast food companies] will ever come around and make healthier foods. I take that back. More litigation might make them actually serve FOOD to us.”
“The only way to defeat [diet vices] is to give up thinking you can ‘have the foods you LOVE in moderation.’ If we could handle the foods we LOVE in ‘moderation,’ then we wouldn’t be obese and overweight. It’s like…duh! If we can’t have just ONE, we are better off having NONE!”
“Government should subsidize the soda earnings that schools make so they can kick Coke and Ronald McDonald out of schools. Government should put a high tax on fast food, soda, Twinkies, etc. so that those who CHOOSE to eat them will have some money set aside to care for them as their obesity-related health care bills soar to unmanagable amounts.”
“Advertising needs to be honest. SHOW obese people eating at McDonald’s, let the TRUTH show and then people will make informed decisions rather than thinking if they ‘love it’ they will look like Justin Timberlake or drinking Pepsi will give them Britney or Christina’s abs!”

Read more explosive comments from Julia Havey in my exclusive interview with her by clicking here.


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