‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb’ Book Turns One

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One year ago this week I released “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” to the world

I almost forgot about October 11th being a special day for me because one year ago from that date I did something that I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to do in my life–I released a book to the public!

That’s right, the autobiographical account of my 180-pound low-carb weight loss success story called “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year” has been out for one year now and it’s hard to believe. Literally hundreds of people have written me e-mails thanking me for being so honest when I was writing about my struggles losing weight and for encouraging them that they can overcome their obesity just like I did.

My goal when I wrote the book was not to give a step-by-step plan for losing weight because there are so many books like that on the market today that it would be overkill. No, my book was crafted so it would be unlike all those other books that tell you what you need to be doing. Instead, I simply tell my story–good, bad and ugly–and let the reader experience what it was like for me to transform myself from a 410-pound morbidly obese man into the 230-pound slender and fit man that I am today (actually, I’m even less than THAT now!).

As of the writing of this post, “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” sits at #5 on my publisher Booklocker.com’s bestsellers list! That’s pretty cool despite the book being out for so long now. In fact, total combined book sales from Booklocker, through book distributors and retail stores carrying my book, and at Amazon.com, have been around 2,000 copies of this book by a no-name author nobody’s ever heard of before.

The neat thing is that people are attracted to my story because there are no pretenses or a hidden agenda with what I write. What you see at my blog is what you get and the same goes for my book. If I hurt at some point in my weight loss, then you knew about it in my book. But I also share with you the glory of victory over my weight as well which has inspired and motivated so many to start their own journey to lose weight and get healthy.

If you would like to order your own copy of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb,” then you can get it several ways:

1. Purchase the e-book (a popular choice!) for less than $10.
2. Get the paperback from Booklocker.com (fast shipping!).
3. Buy an autographed copy from me at Amazon.com (click on the “Buy Used Or New” link and look for my listing under “livinlowcarbman” to get the signed copy). Of course, you can get from someone else, but it won’t be autographed.
4. Finally, my book is available to purchase from excellent retailers like CarbSmart, Low-Carb Central, Low-Carb Connoisseur, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com Canada, and many more!

Let me take just a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased my book not only for themselves, but who have given it away to a friend, sister, brother, mother, father…WHOEVER! You have told me how after trying to explain what weight loss can do for them until you are blue in the face that my book made it click. That’s the neatest thing for me to hear because it is precisely why I wrote the book the way that I did. I am so thrilled “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” is touching the lives of so many and I really think the best is still yet to come.

People often ask me if I would like to write another book. My answer: OH YEAH! If a publisher is willing to offer this weight loss success an opening to write a book that could literally be exposed to millions of people, then I’m all over it. Writing is and will always be my #1 passion in life. I wouldn’t think of doing anything else and would jump at the chance to expose my writings to an even bigger audience. Any publisher out there willing to take a risk on Jimmy Moore, hmmmm?

If it happens, GREAT! If not, then I suppose I’ll just keep squeaking away at CarbWire talking about whatever comes to mind regarding weight loss, diet, health, nutrition and fitness. It’s my destiny in life right now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, maybe a million bucks, but that’s another story. SEE YA!


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