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Today’s post doesn’t feature any SUGAR SHOCKING news. Well, not exactly.

This morning’s remarks come straight from my heart, my being, my bared soul. They’re a reflection of what I’m going through.

You see, I’m really reluctant to show weakness here.

Frankly, I like to trumpet myself — or at least impress you — as “Connie, the Savvy Sugar Sleuth.” Gone are my days as “Connie, the Sugar Shrew!” who sends boyfriends packing because of her bitchiness. The fuzzy-headed, cry-babyish, angry-for-no-reason, memory-challenged, headache-ridden, heart palpitations-plagued Connie isn’t around anymore.

That sugar-obsessed Connie chick took off back in 1998 (after I quit sweets and what I call “culprit carbs”). The late ’90s Connie has been replaced by an improved version — a calmer, sweeter, more coherent lady.

But this week, I’ve been rattled, heavily tested, and ultimately amused — OK, more like made more aware.

Read on to learn about how I was tempted by sugary foods several times this week. That’s right: Yours truly has taken more than a passing glance at biscotti. This hypocritical Savvy Sugar Sleuth has thought about straying.

You can catch my heartfelt comments here


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