Would You Be Mad If Your Doctor Was Unwittingly Making You Fat?

Filed under: Health — @ October 16, 2006

No, that’s not Low-Carb Dave, but it could describe how he feels

There are many things that can just plain make you spitfire mad in this world. The senseless killing of innocent girls in an Amish community. Babies being born with incurable diseases or deformaties. A father who takes the life of his entire family. You know, the kind of stuff that makes you so upset and angry that you can hardly contain your emotions.

But, to a lesser degree, there are issues like the one my blogging friend “Low-Carb Dave” Koch wrote about at his blog that can still get your blood boiling over when you stop and think about the ramifications of actions taken long ago. Especially when they are completely preventable from happening, but were not.

What is it? The overdrugging that goes on in our society.

Dave talks about back in the early 1980s being put on the steroid Prednisone and the devastating impact it had on both his weight and health that stayed with him into adulthood.

Read about how the Atkins diet has helped alter the course of his life for the better and why the unintended consequences of doctors prescribing risky prescription drugs may be making people fatter and fatter by clicking here.


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