The National Weight Control Registry Has Become A Joke

Filed under: Health — @ October 17, 2006

Amidst my whirlwind week of craziness in my life this past week was the unexpected arrival of a big white envelope directly from Brown University. It was from Dr. Rena R. Wing, professor of psychiatry at Brown University/The Miriam Hospital and one of the co-founders of The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) documenting the long-term weight loss success of over 5,000 Americans who have been able to lose at least 30 pounds and keep it off for a minimum of one year.

Last July, I was privileged to join this distinctive group of individuals as a member of the NWCR after losing over 180 pounds and keeping it off for well over a year at the time. However, I expressed my concerns about this supposedly independent research project when I received my first questionnaire and discovered there was a seemingly very explicit bias against people who lost weight by livin’ la vida low-carb like me.

A new study released by the NWCR in June 2006 showed that the low-carbers participating in the NWCR are seemingly making a difference in the statistics. But those statistics are from 2003, one year before the height of the low-carb popularity reached its climax (I didn’t even START my low-carb lifestyle until 2004!). More recent information is expected to be forthcoming in the next year they say, but we’ll have to wait and see.

You will recall that I blogged about Dr. Wing’s latest study last week showing self-regulation of your weight through frequent weighing and meeting with others are some of the keys to keeping the weight off for good. But you may remember the nutritional approach used to help those who had gained weight to begin losing weight again was the low-fat diet, which was surprising since ostensibly a wide variety of weight loss plans were used by the participants for their intial weight loss. Why was it assumed by Dr. Wing that low-fat eating was the only healthy way to lose weight? Hmmmm?

Getting into the survey packet that was mailed to me last week, Dr. Wing wrote that she is thankful to have my participation in the NWCR and that providing this information is helping them determine what is working best to help people keep the weight off. She may not be as grateful to me about my participation after reading what I wrote about her survey. :)

Click here to see my concerns about the National Weight Control Registry and their continued bias against the low-carb lifestyle.


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