Obesity Epidemic Coming To The Silver Screen

Filed under: Celebrity — @ October 18, 2006

A full-length feature film on obesity set to begin shooting soon

Remember the film Supersize Me which came out a few years back about obesity? The ripple effects of that hit documentary that was shown in movie theaters across the nation are still being felt to this day.

Now there is another movie documentary in pre-production that will further the message of that film by exposing the myriad of weight loss gimmicks out there that are suckering people out of their money on a daily basis. Millions of moviegoers will be able to see how real people were duped out of their money and even their health because of these unscrupulous companies.

Here’s a little more about the purpose of the documentary:

“We will seek out why there is a epidemic of obesity, we will talk with renowned doctors, medical experts, even Senators and Congressmen who have access to the funds to help civilians get the right information. We will hear from experts in the field of weight control who have a firsthand look into the problem of obesity. And yes, we will expose as many fly-by-night contraption and weight loss supplement companies as we can to keep the public informed. This film will provide solutions to the issue of obesity by arming the public with the weapon of knowledge. It will have the audience enjoying the fact-finding storyline that will be continuously threaded throughout the movie. In the end, we will be more informed and equipped to solve this epidemic of obesity that is sweeping our nation today.”

Sound exciting? Do you want to be a part of this historic project? If so, then the producers are looking to cast people who have experienced any lasting side effects from being on any specific weight loss products.

To learn how YOU can tell your story and quite possibly be in this groundbreaking documentary film, get all the details by clicking here.


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