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Filed under: Study — @ October 18, 2006

Got acne? Then you may want to try the low-carb cure!

How many of us grew up hearing the advice from well-meaning people to stop eating chocolate and fried foods to help cure our acne when we were teenagers? I know I did and I even tried doing it (with very little success!) thinking that made sense.

But now researchers out of Australia have recently conducted a study that found it wasn’t the fat that was making all those zits pop up on our faces, but rather the overabundance of sugary, processed, high-carb foods instead!

Lead researcher Dr. Neil Mann, associate professor of Nutrition and Food Science at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, observed 50 teenage boys with a moderate to severe acne problem over a three-month period and divided them up into a HIGH-CARB group and a LOW-CARB group to see what impact diet would have on their skin condition.

Obviously, the LOW-CARB group ate more foods that took time for the body to digest and, thus, did not experience the wild swings in their blood sugar which dramatically raises insulin levels that is typical of a HIGH-CARB diet. In fact, most of the carbohydrates that would normally be consumed in a typical teenage diet were replaced with high-quality sources of protein such as red meat and fish in the LOW-CARB group.

What were the results of this study? Click here to find out yet another one of the amazing benefits besides weight loss of low-carb living.


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