‘American Idol’ Winner Ruben Studdard Made Weight Loss A Priority

Filed under: Celebrity — @ October 20, 2006

“American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard has lost 70 pounds in 2006

A few years back, everyone in America wanted to know the answer to just one question: Will it be Clay Aiken or Ruben Studdard? The tens of millions of “American Idol” fans were torn between voting for nerd-turned-stud Aiken with his Claymates club or the soulful R&B-crooning “The Velvet Teddy Bear” Studdard. In a close vote, Studdard pulled out the win of Season Two and went on to have great success with his debut album going platinum.

Life was good for Ruben except for one thing–his growing weight problem. My wife Christine always commented during that season of the hit FOX television show about how she was worried about Ruben sweating so profusely when he performed his songs. Sure, he sounded good, but he always looked like he was ready to drop dead at any moment. It’s scary to think about something like that happen, but weighing over 400 pounds puts you at risk–GREAT RISK! She knew watching her own husband (ME!) battle with morbid obesity as well.

Apparently, like me, Studdard decided he had come to a point in his young life that it was time to get serious about his weight before it was too late. This year, at the age of 28, he did something very brave which was arguably the most challenging and lifechanging event of his life–he checked himself into a weight loss clinic to learn how to lose weight.

Click here to find out how that four-week experience in the weight loss clinic very well may have saved his life by teaching him to make permanent lifestyle changes he can live with.


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